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The Richey Genealogy


German origination - Richey, Ritshi, Ritsche, Ritchey, Richie, Ritchie - Rowan County, North Carolina -- Rockwall County, Texas.

It is my pleasure to present this page dedicated to the Richey Family of German origin. The information presented here was compiled over many years by my Uncle and his wife - Sammie and Teresa Richey - and permission was given so that I could share their information with you. They traveled extensively, visiting the old homesteads, researching records from various locations, and speaking to many individuals concerning the Richey Family History.

The following comes directly from their Richey Genealogy Report:

"The attached material represents our effort to research the family of John Daniel Richey who came to Rockwall County, Texas from Rowan County, North Carolina in 1884. This genealogy is not complete, but we wish to present our work to you as an attempt to preserve the family history as we know it to date.

The most important gap in this genealogy is the missing link between Noah Ritchie, the father of John Daniel, and Jacob Richey (Ritchey), our first ancestor in North Carolina. Most probably, Noah was a grandson of Jacob. We plan to continue our research in order to find Noah's father and thus close this gap.

Our research has taken the form of checking census records, church records, marriage bonds, deeds, wills, cemeteries, military records, etc., both in Texas and North Carolina. In addition, we have spoken with many members of the family in both states who have given of their time and shared their memories and records with us. Without them, much of this material would not have been available; and we are most grateful for their interest and assistance. We have recorded only information that has proof of validity.

A note should be made of the spelling of the family name. From our research, we have come to the conclusion that Jacob Richey (Ritchey) was an educated German who could speak, read, and write in German, but could not write in English. The earliest records that we find have the name spelled Ritsche, Ritshi, Richey, Ritchey, Richie, Ritchie. Most of the time, a variation is given for the very same person. The North Carolina branch of the family (our direct line) has maintained their name as Ritchie. When John Daniel signed his name to a Civil War receipt for pay in 1864, he spelled his name Ritchey. However, after he came to Texas in 1884, he spelled his name Richey which has been kept by our branch of the family.

No genealogy is perfect; undoubtedly, there are errors in this one. If you detect any, we would appreciate your letting us know. also some information is missing. We would be grateful for your filling in the blanks for us, either by writing or calling. If you wish to contiue your immediate family further into grandchildren and great-grandchildren, we shall be pleased to have the information.

For the information of those of you who are descended from Henry M. Bost, the Bost family has been completely researched by Mary Pegram West of Asheville, North Carolina. Mrs. West is having a book published in the near future on the Bost family. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, we can give you further information.

We are happy to be able to share our research with all of you. As time permits, we shall contiue to delve into the family even further and will appreciate any leads or information that you can supply. Enjoy reading this genealogy and know that it has been our pleasure to share it with you!"

Sammie and Teresa Richey ~ dtd August 1979

In the future, I hope to add Transcribed Documents (Deeds, Wills, Marriage, etc.), Stories, Confederate Muster Rolls(and other military information), and a list of contacts amongst the Richey Family members. Please, if you would like to share some information, ask for information, or see any thing that you feel is in error, contact me at Thank you and I hope your visit is informative and enjoyable.

Jerry Preas


This Richey Page was started on July 2, 1998 -- The last update was done on July 3, 1998.

****Updated July 12,1998 -- added Will of Jacob Richey****

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