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Bedford County, Virginia - 1888 Directory

This Information was taken from the Bedford County, Virginia - 1888 Directory, and I only listed here that which pertained to the Preas Family. If you wish to see the full document it is located at this address or you can e-mail me and I can send you the listing in it's entirety.

Overseers of the Poor Liberty

J W Smith; Chamblissburg, H Preas; Staunton, Benjamin Mitchell; Otter, W T Clingenpeel; Bellevue, J A Padgett; Charlemont, James A Reynolds; Forest, James Austin; Lisbon, R N Thomas.

Livery Stables

Bush G A - Liberty ~ McCormick J W - Liberty ~ Preas John H - Liberty

Mills - Corn & Flour

Preas______ - Coonsville

Mills - Saw

Preas - Lone Pine

Saddle & Harnesmakers

Preas Nathan - Moneta

Principal Farmers

Liberty - W L Hurt, A H Vandoren, James H Hopkins, W RThurman, J H Ayres, Henry Campbell, W L Lankford, J E M Walker, E T Walker, W P Ladd, W A Lowry, S P Beam, Benjamin McGhee, Rice McGee, W P Hardy, J H Watts, R H Shepherd, Dr J S Mitchell, C M Maupin, A C Parker, M Nininger, M H Carner, J H Watts, R C Karnes, N R Wilson, A S Walker, A P Jeter, S H Jeter, S B Cowling, S M Hawkins S R Holland, T B Craghead, C B Fizer, J A Fizer, John M Earley, J B Sladen, W B Preas, W H McGhee, W H Dews, T J Phelps, W W Jopling, J P Hurt, James E Robertson, W McDaniel, C N Horsley, F Von Roy George A Nicholas, R H Jeter, J S Woolfolk, Joseph A Graves.

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