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Land Transactions of Henry Baker, Botetourt County, Va. (Preas Family Members Mentioned)

Deed Book 9, p. 56, Date 6-30-1805:Henry Baker :From Zeck Stanley & Sarah 173 acres adjoining Cough, Calhoun.
Deed Book 17, P. 324, Date 3-12-1827: Henry Baker : From Joseph Kyle's Heirs, 120 acres Sinking Creek of James River.
Deed Book 18, P. 135, Date 2-13-1828: Henry Baker From Zeck Stanley's heirs; 120 acres on waters of Glade Creek of Roanoke River adjoining said Baker. This land joined the 173 acres he bought from Stanley in 1805.

Deed Book 2o, P. 553, Date 2-28-1834: Henry Baker & Rebecca To: Mathias O'Bryan and others, in Trust; 173, 275, 120 acres, also his personal property. (This Deed of Trust states that the 275 acre was granted to Henry Baker, 8-28-1827.
Deed Book 21, P. 265, Date 5-26-1836: Henry Baker & Thomas Priest & Mathias O'Bryan;To Joseph Preas; In Trust one third of above lands and personal property, do that Henry's wife would have her dower, if Henry should die.
Deed Book 27, P. 179, Date 10-10-1844: William Baker from Joseph Preas 16 acres waters of Glade Creek. (This was part of the 173 acres that Preas was holding for the benefit of Rebecca (Preas) Baker who is now dead. Rebecca's children were William Baker: Harriet Basham, Elizabeth Fouts: and Rhoda Blankenship . Comment: I am reasonably certain that the 16 acres should read 61 acres)
Deed Book 27, P. 181. Date 10-16-1844: Elizabeth (Baker) Fouts from Joseph Preas; 61 acres waters of Glade Creek; her share in Rebecca (Preas) Baker's 173 acres.

SURVEY RECORD BOOK 1542, Page 48; Date 10-15-1844, Division of Lands of Rebecca (Preas) Baker; deceased, among her children (1) William Baker 61 acres, part of 173 acres on waters of Glade Creek; (2) Nathan Basham (& Harriet) 61 acres part of 173 acres on Glade Creek(s). William Fouts & (Elizabeth) 61 acres part of 173 acres and part of 126 acres; (4) Rhoda Blankenship 58 and three eights acres. (This tract was in Bedford County and was Rebecca (Preas) Baker's share of her mother Elizabeth Preas Lands). Land was on the waters of Goose Creek. The 173 acre tract was the one bought by Henry Baker.

Info from Melissa Foutz
Henry Baker's parents were Samuel Baker and Mary Hodnit/Hodnett. Henry had a sister named Betsy Baker who married Joseph Jarred, wasn't he the brother of Rachel Jarred Preas? Henry Baker was also the brother of my GGG grandfather. So, I tie back into the Preas once again!!

I scanned what I was given that pertained to Henry Baker...hope you can read it. There are a couple of land deals that mention Thomas Preas and Joseph Preas. Didn't know if you had these or not. Looks like Rebecca Preas Baker died 1844. Oh, and Glade Creek is just across the Bedford/Botetourt County line into Botetourt County (in case your maps aren't handy).

I find no mention of a Mary/Polly Baker married to a William Preas, however. Haven't had a chance to look at all of it yet, though. Will let you know if I come across anything else that pertains to the Preas.

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