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Marriage License

Virginia County of Bedford, to wit, to any person licensed to celebrate marriages: You are hereby authorized to join together in the Holy state of Matrimony according to the rites and ceremonies of your church or religious denomination, and the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia Thomas F. Candler and Sarah Jane Preas.

Given under my hand as clerk of the County Court of Bedford this 10th day of August 1865.

A.A. Arthur clk

Certificate to obtain a Marriage License to be annexed to the license: required by the Act passed 15th March 1861.

Time of Marriage: 13th day of August 1865
Place of Marriage: Bedford County, Va.
Full names of parties Marrried: Thomas F. Candler and Sarah Jane Preas
Age of Husband: 25 years
Age of Wife: 19 do
Condition of Husband: Single
Condition of Wife: do
Place of Husband's birth: Pensacola Co Florida
Place of Wife's birth: Bedford County Va
Place of Husband's residence: Bedford Co Va
Place of Wife's residence: do do do
Names of Husband's parents: Patrick and Elizabeth Candler
Names of Wife's parents: Joseph and Mahala Preas
Occupation of Husband: Farmer

Given under my hand this 10th day of August 1865.
A.A. Arthur clk



The clerk of the County of Bedford is hereby authorized to issue marriage
licins to Mr. Thomas F. Candler and my daughter Sarah Jane Preas.

August 9th 1865 Mahala L. Prease
John H. Prease

Marriage Records